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The adoption process can be complicated, frustrating, and confusing, but the rewards are worth the challenge. At Adoptions Unlimited, our staff members are made up of adoptive parents, so we understand your need for open communication.


For your convenience, we have prepared some answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us at 909-902-1412 for further information about any aspect of the adoption process. If you are a birth mother in need of immediate answers, please call our 24-hour hotline at 888-923-2229.

Open channels of communication

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a domestic adoption?

There are several factors that determine the cost of the program you choose. Variables such as medical bills, birth mother expenses, and legal fees are sometimes tough to estimate, but we strive to maintain affordable adoptions.


Adoptive families are allowed to place a cap on the miscellaneous fees based on their budget requirements. Please keep in mind that our fee estimates do not include miscellaneous fees like your travel expenses when you pick up the baby.


Can I write off my adoption expenses on my taxes?

Please contact your CPA regarding possible adoption tax credits.


What type of adoptions does Adoptions Unlimited handle?

We can help you if you are interested in gaurdianaship adoptions, international adoptions and domestic adoptions.


Approximately how long do prospective adoptive parents wait to be chosen by a birth mother?

Most of our prospective adoptive parents have a match within 6 months to a year but can take up to two years.


What happens if we are not matched within 6 months?

While we pride ourselves on how quickly our clients are matched, we make no guarantee as to when you will be matched with a potential birth mother. The key is to be ready regardless of the length of time.


With so many agencies, facilitators, and law firms competing for my business, why should I retain Adoptions Unlimited?

We are a full service licensed adoption and foster family agency. We have been licensed since 1983. Founded and still led by adoptive parents and adoptees, we are committed to building families. Adoptions Unlimited qualified adoption staff is available to birth mothers 24 hours a day to ensure we make the most of every opportunity.


What are the benefits of working with a full-service licensed agency?

Adoptions Unlimited can provide all the services necessary to complete a legal adoption for you:

If You Have Any Questions About Adoption, Please Call


•  Home study

•  Foster certification

•  Relinquishment Services

•  Birth father termination

•  Birth parent coordination

•  Post placement Services

•  Cooperative placement

•  ICPC compliance

•  ICWA compliance

•  Counseling

•  Hospital coordination

•  CPS coordination

•  Court report and finalization Services

Do you get any medical or background information on the birth parents?

We make every effort to obtain documented background and medical information on all of our birth parents. We then pass that information on to you.


Is it true that a birth mother can change her mind and take the baby back? YES!

After completing many successful adoptions, our staff has attained the patience, integrity, and experience necessary to guide both the birthmother and you through the legal intricacies of adoption.


At what point can the birth parents sign over their parental rights?

Birth parents cannot sign reliquishment documentation until after the baby is born. We are known for being exceptionally pro-active in minimizing the period pf waiting between a birth parent being legally allowed to sign delinquishment documentation and such process actually occuring, Hereby reducing additional stress in both birth parents and adoptive parents.


Frequently Asked Questions about our adoption process

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